Why do I do what I do?

I do this for my daughters, my best friend, my sisters, my nieces, my neighbors, my teachers, my students. I do this for everyone. Every single person deserves to love their body and live a life with true, deep meaning; outside of our appearance.

I do this to teach people that their words are dangerous. Nothing did as much harm to me as people complimenting my appearance when I was radically unhealthy and dangerously in the depths of bulimia. I can guarantee you whether they’re well intentioned or not your comments on other people’s appearances are probably unwarranted, unwanted, and arguably harmful.

I do this to help people understand they can eat from a place of nourishment and enjoyment and not restriction and manipulation. I do this to teach people that dieting does more harm than good.

I do this to spread awareness of diet culture as a feminist issue. I do this for the people living in larger bodies who are blatantly discriminated against as children, in airports, at schools, in jobs, on tv, in media, literally everywhere you look.

I also do this for myself. Once I ditched the diet mentality and stopped worrying about what I ate, and my appearance, I was gifted so much time and energy. I found a way to give to others information that could free them from something that took so much of my life from me. I found my true confidence in my gift in spreading this movement. It’s funny how after I stopped caring about what I looked like I had so much more time to get to know the real me.

I do this with an open heart full of compassion for myself and for others. I understand these messages are radical, and countercultural for the majority so I try to maneuver through these subjects with sensitivity and care. This sparks such a deep empathic practice in myself, for myself, and for others.

But most of all I do this because I have been hurt, and traumatized by this diet culture and thin obsessed society and I know so many others that have been too. So why not make this what you do to. Join my fight or at least sit back and read my words. All I want is to be heard.

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