You have the answers

There are a few problems with body positivity gaining such publicity and I can’t help but want to show up to iron them out. Not in the hopes of making anyone feel like they’re “doing it wrong” but it hopes to keep the movement pure and functioning for all involved. Body positivity is a small child birthed from the fat acceptance movement of the 60’s. This is not as new of a concept as it seems. What is new is the diet and beauty industry (a $60 billion a year industry) piggy backing off of it and gaining the public eye.

Every day, every where fat people are publicly shamed for the size of their body. They have less job opportunities, less places to shop, receivers of dirty glances for ordering or eating certain types of foods, and routinely told it’s all their fault because it’s something “they can control.”

This is not to say that any individual thin person has not experienced body shame or been at the receiving end of fat phobia, and I am not here to discount any one individual’s experience. I am here to center the experiences of the more marginalized: fat people. When we can gain true acceptance in our society for fat people; thin people will fall in to that umbrella. You can’t gain acceptance of an oppressed group by centering the non- oppressed.

I am not here to tell you how you can eat, or how you should or shouldn’t move your body. I am not here to define empowerment for you. But I am here to ask you to question the things that are telling you how to do those things. Media, peers, society, and culture all tell us as women on a daily basis how we should and shouldn’t feed ourselves, how we should and shouldn’t look, and what bodies are acceptable to love and which ones aren’t.

I am here to tell you, you are the only person with all the answers. You are the only one that knows how to feed your body in a way that feels good. You get to decide when you’re ready to start loving or even just not hating your body. I just know how exhausting, painful, and lonely it can be to be constantly hating your vessel, and trying to control it. I want you to know it doesn’t have to be that way. I do this work because I want every person and every body to gain their own freedom. I am also here to teach you, even if you don’t believe it; your body is worthy of acceptance just the way it is, and that you as a person are more than your appearance, your worth lays inside you and not on your waist size. You bring more value to this world than as an ornament. You worth is inherent, you are worthy of showing up and taking up space just how you are.

I teach, and preach not to attack any person or to tell anyone they’re doing it wrong. I preach to show you another way. I know all of this is hard, and scary, and maybe doesn’t make sense at all but I am here with out judgement. I have my hands open to all women who are tired of living a life defining their self acceptance based on other people’s standards.

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