There was once a Girl who wore her worth on her skin. She climbed in and climbed out, every day. She tended that skin with what was thought to be care, manipulating and controlling its every crevice, blemish, and curve. Only worthy of being seen in that skin if it was to be received well. What will they think of me today? Tuck here, trim here, hide this, hide that; she thought to Herself. To be embraced with acceptance is to be worthy. To be honored and revered for this skin was success. If the compliments stopped pouring, she retreated into Herself and tended harder. Tuck more, trim more, hide more; she thought to Herself. When she bathed in compliments, she tended to that skin even harder. The skin was flourishing but the soul withered away. Sense of self, sense of worth, and pure exhaustion dripping from Her with every  touch to that skin. Soon the Girl all but disappeared and she had nothing to put into that skin. Each day she deemed Herself unworthy of showing up as she shoved what little bits of Her were left into the skin. The skin was still revered but the girl could no longer care, as she had lost so much of herself along the way. The skin had been abused by others and now its very owner. Where could she find her worth now? She continued to climb into the skin each day. Another choice was not left. Inside it was hollow; except for the smallest amount of space the remaining part of Her occupied. Lonely, quiet, dark. She sat in the dark and slowly grasped for more. Day by day she filled the space inside the skin with love, passion, and purpose. The skin grew softer, more wrinkled, and less revered. Slowly the girl kept growing. After quite a while things changed. Her worth came from Her words, Her touch, Her love. The skin was now a vehicle for Her that she fueled, and cared for. The only reverence that mattered was Her own. The light from inside couldn’t be contained any longer. The skin shone light so bright others could no longer ignore. When people did shade themselves from her light, it changed nothing. Inside the soul flourished and the Girl lived once again. Today there is a girl who’s worth is worn inside.

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