Ep. 04- Fuck Your “Fitspo” with Sarah Vance


tm691In this episode with Sarah Vance we discuss her background in the fitness world and a disordered relationship with food and how she got into the work now, helping women revamp their relationships with themselves. We discuss the fitness world as well as her not so fluffy approach to self care.

Sarah Vance is a body image & self-worth coach, host of the Reclaiming You Podcast, and creator of the life changing Breaking Boundaries Program. She specializes in helping women all over the world let go of diet dogma, body hate, perfection, and all or nothing thinking so they can step into the badass woman within feeling worthy, confident, loved, free, and enough in whatever body they have. Grab your taste of freedom: 5 Mindshifts toEmbrace Your Body and Have Food Freedom at sarahvance.com.

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