Ep. 07- Sex as a Social Skill with Dawn Serra

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This week I spoke with sex coach and educator, Dawn Serra. This conversation was much different than ones I have had in the past on the show but I think in the best way possible. The conversation about sexuality is so important and inevitable when it comes to living our most full and authentic life, which is what I am all about. And unfortunately these conversations are not had enough and seen as taboo. Which leaves a lot of us not living our most pleasurable life.

We talk consent, and sex positivity and how we can foster these things in ourselves as well as model them for our children and our families. We talk about honing the skill of sex even from a young age, and why ignoring these conversations can really be harmful to the human collective in the long run.

Sex is a social skill. Dawn Serra speaks it, writes it, teaches it, and she helps you learn how to develop it. She is the creator and host of the weekly podcast, Sex Gets Real, and of the annual sexuality summit, Explore More. She also lectures at colleges and universities on sex and relationships and works one-on-one with clients who need to get unstuck around their pleasure and desire. It’s not all work though! In her downtime, Dawn can often be found watching an episode of Masterchef Australia, cooking up something delicious, or adventuring with her husband.

Other Resources mentioned in this episode:

What Makes a Baby by Cory Silverberg

Sex is a Funny Word by Cory Silverberg

Ordinary Terrible Things series by Anastasia Higginbotham

Nadine Thornhill

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