Ep. 09- Importance of Emotional Intelligence with Diana Madrigal

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This week I spoke with Diana Madrigal, who is a certified life coach and writer. We had a nice long chat about perfectionism, the “compare and despair” mode we can put ourselves into and how emotional intelligence plays such a huge role in all of that, and how we can get there. I feel like emotional intelligence and inner self work is so important when it comes to healing ourselves from food and body issues because once those are gone, those same ideals pop up elsewhere and can wreak just as much havoc.

Diana Madrigal is a certified professional coach, writer, and wife to a wonderful husband. She is a mother of two smart boys and one strong girl. She has been in customer service for over fifteen years working in retail, government, and private sectors. Diana has been a licensed loan officer and real estate agent for over a decade. She loves sewing, make-up artistry, cooking, reading, music, and hiking. Her true passion lies in creative writing and life coaching. As an introverted coach, Diana has found joy in helping others find their personal power and face challenges with grace and self-awareness. Co-Author of the book “Follow It Thru: From Obstacles to Opportunity”

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