Ep. 10- True Health and Eating Disorder Recovery with Marci Evans


This week I spoke with the wonderful Marci Evans. Marci is a Food and Body Imager Healer™. She has dedicated her career to counseling, supervising, and teaching in the field of eating disorders. She is a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian and Supervisor, certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Certified ACSM personal trainer. In addition to her group private practice and three adjunct teaching positions, Marci launched an online eating disorders training for dietitians in 2015 and co-directs a specialized eating disorder internship at Simmons College.  She has spoken locally and nationally at numerous conferences and media outlets.

Marci and I discuss her work as a weight inclusive and non-diet body image healer and Registered Dietician. We talk about food as a red herring and gastrointestinal issues in those with eating disorders. We discuss eating disorder recovery in general, and the dangerous dogma that is diet culture. We also touch a little on the topic of eating disorder memoirs and whether these are helpful or harmful; the new film on Netflix, “To The Bone” specifically.

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