Ep. 15- Eating Disorder Recovery in Motherhood with Kate Brosnan

This week I spoke with Kate Brosnan a registered dietician and listener of the show. She reached out to me a few weeks back and we got to talking about her own journey with food and she disclosed to me about her eating disorder. She mentioned to me how hard it is to recover from an eating disorder while being a parent, so I decided that was a conversation we could have on the show. She was very transparent about how she is still recovering from her eating disorder so I want to put a content warning out there that we do discuss active eating disorder recovery and there may be things that listeners could find triggering. If you are in a place where these things could affect your well being, please skip this one.

Kate graduated with a degree in Nutrition Sciences from Penn State and has been a Registered Dietitian for 12 years.  Introduced to the liberating world of IE/HAES in late 2016, she has been dedicating this year to extracting herself both professionally and personally from diet culture as she rebuilds her private practice from the non-diet ground up and works to recover from her own eating disorder.  She’s a wife, mother, longtime cross-fitter and triathlete, and she owns every Barefoot Contessa cookbook.  Her favorite quote is from Maya Angelou: ‘Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better.’

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