Ep. 02- Drop the Hate with Summer Innanen


Today on the show I spoke with Summer Innanen, professionally trained coach specializing in body image, confidence and self-worth and the best-selling author of Body Image Remix. She teaches women how to radically shift their perspectives so they can stop hating their bodies and embrace the badass woman within.

In this episode we discuss her personal journey to body acceptance and her transition out of diet culture. We discuss what is and what isn’t body positivity. We also talk about the importance of doing self worth work alongside full recovery.

Summer encourages me to stay humble, keep asking questions, and always be open to learning and growing. I hope you all enjoy our conversation!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Summer’s Website


Free Body Confidence Makeover

Her Book- Body Image Remix

Fearless Rebelle Radio Podcast

Ep 79 of Fearless Rebelle Radio-Body Image and Body Positivity 101

Brene Brown

Pema Chodron

Ep. 01 The Way You Are


Well here it is! The first episode of The Way You Are Project. This is my baby, a long time coming but a work in progress none the less. I struggled with putting out this “less than perfect”, rough, un-enhanced episode as the first one of the show but ultimately I decided I’d rather show up messy than not at all.

In this episode we talk a little about my background as well as where this is all going. What is Intuitive Eating, and what is “normal eating

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